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Friday, November 15, 2013


No internet right now except on phone which I can do the hotspot but I haven't. So we stopped in at the base library, where we were met by the friendly librarian who remembered us from when we were stationed here, today and thought I would get a post up.

Trip down (we relocated to the SpaceCoast) was good;dry camped at a relatively quiet rest stop north of St Augustine. It got c.o.l.d overnight! But we were toasty, in was just stepping out first thing that morning that made me reach under the bed for my Uggs!!!

 LOVE my Uggs on cool mornings!!!

Got right in at Patrick AFB, well sort of, there was a slight delay on our part, can you say gusty wind and a fallen latch lock out from the door being helped shut by that said wind? UGHHHHHH! All I can say is it's GOOD to have roadside assist and friendly, helpful fellow campers!! And soooo thankful it was not cold or rainy while we passed the time until Mr Pop-a-lock showed up. Yes, I know we should leave a window unlocked for such occasions, but we didn't this time and there you are and there you go!

Our new helpful friends...

What I know so far is that the beach is still awesome; though it's been on the breezy side since our arrival day! We have enjoyed walking the Banana River where it's been less breezy though. We spent today out on the beach and reminiscing of our time spent here a few years ago. It's fun to return and see what's changed and what's new! Which we have found is plenty from our short little drives around so far!

Atlantic Ocean

Again, just stopped off at the library on our way home and will be enjoying dinner from the crock pot in just a bit! I sat it outside since it's 80* here and didn't need to warm up the coach!

Dinner :)


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