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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Money Matters (October Wrap Up)

Since doing the 31 day challenge featuring a post on finances I have decided (for now anyway) to make it a monthly spot. Sort of a monthly wrap up for us so to speak. More for me then you (though I know some out there are a bit curious) so just indulge me or go ahead and click off if you aren't interested in that sort of thing. It's going to make me a little more accountable in keeping tabs on the budget (even making budget)if I know I am going to blog about it!!! So thanks invisible readers I appreciate your motivation! However, if you know me in real life you know I am sort of a nut when it comes to record keeping anyway but I digress, let's move on!

Here we go! We "moved" last month (and the month before that and the month before that...hmmm, I'm seeing a trend here) and we are moving again this month as well. It seems this is the way it's gonna be so I might as well come to grips with that part of this lifestyle... Anywho, the meat of this revelation is that moving cost money. Moving always cost money no matter what your situation is. Like I said I am coming to grips with this factoidl it's just the way it is and I'm gonna be okay with that; it just takes me second!! LOL

The big picture breakdown for October...went waaaaaaay over on food budget AGAIN! Ugh!! I guess there is an adjustment needed in this category! However, helping that hemorrhage this month was ordering coffee, it was on sale so I ordered to stock up (we will see how long it last), course it was only the kind MiRV drinks soooo still will have to track down my kind with a coupon for sure!!! And honestly, our food budget as I have made note of before is dependent on location and stores (ALDI makes a huge difference in stretching our grocery dollar and I will be happy, happy, happy to be near one again in just a few more days!!!) Also being close to the commissary helps.

In other areas we did well in the big picture look at it. RV slot was slightly higher here but still within budget!! We were over on gifts this month and I know next month will be as well but the budgeted amount reflects the yearly average; in my head I know some months will be over while others will be under and some none at all. It should all work out...I hope!!! Report shows eating out was r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.l.y over as well. Hmmmm...this one is harder to stay on track with as we meet up with friends. We enjoy meals together...out. Adjustments may have to be made.

I also tweaked a few category names Tithes became Charitable Gifts since we also give to worthy organizations as well as give our tithe. I changed Stationary/Business Expense to Household Expenses. I will continue to adjust for what works for us in the coming months.

On a brighter note RV fuel was d o w n as well as CRV fuel, RV Exp/Upkeep/Maint; so that is awesome in my book!!

I have to say seeing the numbers in print on Groceries and Eating Out definitely makes me cringe a little...but not to fear as we still came in under budget overall so I'm not desperate about it and a bit of cash went into savings again this month so it's all good!

Snapshot for October...

Charitable Gifts $450.00 

RV Slots $510.00 (U)
RV Fuel $114.00 (U)
CRV Fuel $87.25(U)

CRV Upkeep $31.77 (U)
RV Exp/Upkeep/Maint $15.38 (U)

Groceries $439.05 (WAAAAAAY O)
Cell Phone $110.00
Eating Out $160.84 (O)

Gifts $60.00 (O)

Clothing $37.89 (U)
Household  $33.70 (O)
Laundry $12.00 (U)

(O) = OVER

Again, overall, I am still a happy girl since $$$ went into savings and we are living within our means, THAT is the goal and a great feeling for me no matter the income!

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