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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Another day trip went into the books today...just a short jaunt across the causeway, south a few miles and then we saw a lot of manatees. More in one place then I have ever seen. I think there were at least 100, probably more! Love these gentle giants.

What was incredible was how active they were. They were up and down, flapping their tales, which I learned are known as flukes and there was snorting, which often looked like mini whale spouts. Pretty incredible it was. There is just something about these sea cows that I like!!


While it was a bit windy and cool it was perfect for manatee viewing as when it's cool they seek the warmer water near the power plant. While it would have been a little nicer had the wind not been so blowy, it was still doable. And let's not forget, it was FREE! The electric company has done a nice job and many visitors enjoy seeing the manatees!!

 It's a coal burning plant, the cleanest one in operation.

The electric company is being a great neighbor and definitely got on board with helping to protect and save the manatees. Win-Win!  And another nice outing here in the Tampa area where we are still enjoying the Florida sunshine.


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