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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Project!

We are starting to now make little upgrades and improvements to Roada. The latest and greatest is adding a shower mat. We searched B&M stores high and low for what we had in mind with no success. Thought a pool store here in the Sunshine State would have this item...not so, nor did any number of other stores we visited have them We have seen what we were looking for poolside and in the gym locker rooms, other campground bathhouses, so we knew what we wanted. Ordering online became the answer. However, I would have really liked to have been able to feel the material before we ordered but since that didn't work out we just made a decision and pressed forward. It will do!

Here's what we got!

 Four 12x12 interlocking tiles...
 Measuring, marking and cutting

After MiRV made a template, he cut it and we put it into place. While it's somewhat "harder" then what I thought we were getting it will still work. I had in mind a softer material. However, when we shower in the rig this will help to not have to step onto a wet floor. I think it will wondermous! Mission accomplished.

Now to get on with our list! It takes time to find what you are really looking for not to mention money!


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