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Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Day!!!

Another year has flown by and that girl of ours is now 24. I don't even know how this has happened as it really seems only yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital in a way too big sleeper in a way too big car seat feeling just a little overwhelmed since her father was in an undisclosed location with an unknown return date.

Happy, happy birthday daughter, you are truly one of a kind with a bit of a stubborn streak that is like no other . You also have such a passion and emotions that nearly rival your father's. I hope you continue to live life and find your way in this world, that you never lose faith and that you follow your servant's heart always. Look for the good in people, forgive and forget and love unconditionally, which is not easy, but oh so worth it. I also pray that you will always seek God in your life.

Much love Mrs Bud! Enjoy your day!

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