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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things are cooking!

As things have started to settle down now here in FL, we are starting to eat more home prepared foods in the RV. It's been a very slow process getting acclimated to this new rig as we have battled some repair issues but today we felt progress! In fact we are at the repair shop now staying overnight and have hope that tomorrow we will be even more functional.

Anyway, cooking is challenging since I have way less counter space, still doable mind you, but definitely challenging! Tonight was pasta and it was really simple and yummy. Garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes with a little parm sprinkled on top.  Divine. I used my little red gloves to drain the hot pot. They were a gift from our Okie Friend, she is a kitchen gadget freak and really thought I needed these. I told her they may or may not make the cut in the new rig. So far they have! She was thrilled :) So did the pasta boat she got us but not sure it will stay as some things are still being weeded out!

 OU red glove cooker girl!


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