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Monday, October 26, 2015

Gun Fun

The daughter is here and since they enjoy shooting and her grandparents have some land they brought their weapons and had an afternoon of fun...
They took off on a 4-wheeler exploration adventure to find just the right spot for firing the weapons. They needed a good 100 yards since they were going to sight the AR-15 and they also got to take Granddad's 30 with the really cool site on it. 

 Off on a fact finding mission first!

The Trooper wanted to try out his new site and MiRV wanted to get a feel for a new handgun as he is looking at having one and they have several options available to get his hands on. It was a beautiful day for being outside. Since it is supposed to rain tomorrow I'm glad we went took advantage of the great weather.

The day was perfect for just being outside...a great day to be out in the sticks for sure.

 Guns and ammo are something this guy enjoys!

What a great day, glad we got it done cause tomorrow looks like rain. No worries we will still enjoy it and there is a family Mexican dinner on the agenda so all is good!

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