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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Another MO week!

Another busy productive week.

While we had plenty on our plate it was a light week in terms of physical tasks, at least on my end...MiRV still did many tasks but I was on light duty this week. Mostly because I am trying to get things organized in Roada and sorted before we head south in a few weeks.  One of our projects was to turn the hanging wardrobe into usable storage with shelve. I love it so far!
 New Shelves!!!
The highlight of our social outings was to watch one of the Littles perform...oh yes, it was cuteness to the max. Topped off the evening with a farm cookout with Uncle K who was traveling through and made a stop to see everyone for a few days.
Our Little Performer
 Sometimes having to go to the city for Doctoring has its perks...

Then we finally got the notification that our vanity plate was in. MiRV went right over to pick it up as he has been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Now Roada will be wearing her name. Kind of cool!
Affixing Roada's new tag!
And never fear there was a little more wood work done...still have more to do but another dent was made in this project!

Finally, earlier this evening and sadly, sans pictures we celebrated another family birthday. Day early, but the restaurant of choice is not open on Sunday so we went tonight. It was a yummy meal for sure and the leftovers are gonna be awesome this week as they make an appearance in stew!

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