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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another week, where did it go?

We wrapped up another week here in MO and honestly it just flew by. Where did it go, seriously?

 The Littles carved their pumpkins.
Unfortunately with all the wonderfully nice weather we have been having the jack-o-lanterns are molding, which makes them creepier, but also gross! Don't think they are gonna make it to the big T&T night; they are gonna be rotted by then :(

 More movie selections...

It's been fun watching their movies...LOL!

Birthdays at the farm are nearly a family tradition for the Little boy. Lots of boys, laughter, ball playing and a hay ride to finish off the night. I think he had a great time. His football team won their last game so that started his day off GREAT he said. Cannot believe he is NINE already...

A little "round Roada time"

Since we cleaned up the chairs and moved them around to the side yard we have been enjoying more outside time quite regularly. The weather has just been too nice not to be outside. So we had an impromptu yard party Sunday evening. Kids loved having the daughter and her husband all to themselves and played they did! Trampoline, soccer, football, bounce ball, it was a perfect evening. Looking forward to having the daughter here most of the week :)


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