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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We kept to our regular chores this week...clearing fence row, mowing etc. Also did a little relocation project.

 We relocated wood that had been in the basement, oh, say, 20+ years. Some projects just cannot be rushed!
Then this happened, oh yes, and it was a not a task for the faint of heart. Lord knows we were saying prayers that it "fell" the right way. It didn't! Thankfully though there was no damage in the way it did go down. That's one B.I.G. tree. The clean up has been laborious no doubt and I for one will be glad when this task is complete. Thankfully, we think we have someone who wants the bulk of the wood. Clean up has been tedious and continues.
 Making the first cut; piece of cake... Let's think about this just a bit...

 And then just like that it's falling...

 Just call me Paul Bunyon! LOL
After felling the tree we called it a day and ate pizza for dinner. We had a day off and then spent a few hours on Saturday afternoon making quick work of getting this thing cut into bite size pieces, it was a lot of cutting, lifting and moving but it is so much tidier now and all that's left is the huge trunk to work on. I am not sure when our next work day on this will be but soon this little project will be done! Did I mention there are at least two more trees to be taken down?

Chain came off more then once...

Topping off the weekend was a little celebration of welcoming a new one to the world. Always fun to celebrate new life. I think she will be here sooner rather then later! Always fun to see the extended family and visit with friends that you haven't seen in a while. And cake, we had yummy cake! But I was the only one celebrating MiRV was on tree clean up duty with a little tractor work thrown in for good measure! It's looking better and better.

 Congrats K&K&K!!!


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