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Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's October!

Can you believe it? The calendar has just flipped again and we are now sailing into the last quarter of 2015. Unreal!

This week we found ourselves on the road...a lot. It was  a run up and down I-49 kind of week and we are not done as we will be going both north and south in the next few days. Even so we still got a little yard work in, seems that task is NEVER done! The back fence row is looking really good!

Since we were running up and down the road we stopped at the "beef jerky outlet". Well, when I think of outlet I think of a good price, I can't really say that was the case for this place. However, since we have jerky loving kids we picked up a bag to the tune of nearly $20. Yeah, I know, crazy!


MiRV is THRILLED to be the proud owner of a new to him iPhone 4S. He has been using my old 3G and before that he was a TracFone user, so he really feels he has moved on up! Glad to have snagged this affordable new to us phone on Craigslist. We met up with the seller at the AT&T store and activation went seamlessly, I love it when a good deal is enjoyed by all!
 New phone happy guy!

It's ALWAYS awesome to get a phone call for lunch...we were totally in. Tried a new place; it was pretty good. Greek is more MiRVs thing but I have to say I enjoyed this spot and may even go back someday. Getting new OU gear was priceless :)

Always, always enjoy seeing this one!!!

We did Friday night football again. Sadly it was another Tiger loss...but the band BBQ was really good and the little league recognition was cute! Our player was feeling BIG on the field and then his team won their home game yesterday so at least we had one win for the weekend!
#61 :)

Cooler weather found it's way here to SW MO for a few days and felt pretty good. I hope it's not here for good, I would love to enjoy fall like weather for the next several weeks. I enjoy fall.

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