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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oh what a week....

It was a memorable week, just what we enjoy, lots of family time.

Several round the table gatherings, visiting, baseball watching (GO RO-YALS), Anti-Van Follies, White Grill trips, more shooting, a little four wheeling, game playing and just generally taking in time together...exactly how you envision it should be with family.

Practice spelling test time

 And of course it was cheer, football and homework with the Littles. They are very taken with the Trooper and no one else exist when he is's very enjoyable to watch.

Hut, hut!

We had a couple dreary rainy days so as soon as we saw the sun again we bundled up and headed outside. It was a great day for walking deep in the woods. There was also more shooting done, guys and their guns...oh my! Loved all the fresh air!

We took in a football game Saturday and got to see our favorite #61 in action! It was perfect football weather, especially since we stopped at Starbuck's on the way!

That's our Little playing center.

And then they were heading more White Grill stop before they hit the road! Hopefully, we will run up to see them again one more time if the weather continues to hold before we trek south.


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