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Saturday, November 14, 2015

What a wonderful week!

We took off to the North this week. We will soon be heading south and we wanted to see the daughter again before we trek south so we made a week of it. There were some moments of uncontrolled laughter, ping pong, BBQ, shopping, TV, quick Lincoln road trip, updating data, scrapbook editing and so much more that I can't remember. It was a very good week.
 And we might have gotten passed by the Trooper on duty on our way home from Lincoln! At least he waved as he went by!

 Ping Pong

 Lunches out! The Trooper even invited us to join him one day.
Honestly, just an immensely enjoyable week of togetherness...and now we are watching weather closely; ready to head south as the weather turns too cold. We had hoped to be able to stay through Thanksgiving but at this point it's not looking possible. No matter, we have been enjoying the time we have had and will be trying to wrap up the chores we want/need to accomplish and get positioned to migrate to the warmth and water in the next few days.

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