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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Birthday!!!

It wasn't a big fancy celebration but it was filled with love...she turned 30. Doesn't seem possible that it was just a few years ago as a young wife waiting to join MiRV in a far, far away land that I was able to be the childcare giver for about three months. We had a grand time together.

Who would think that all these years later she would have the Littles? We are blessed. And those blessings did not come easily as she chose a nontraditional route we are still thankful she didn't make other choices. She works hard and is a great momma to the Littles and we think she's doing all right in life.So keep on keeping on.
Yummy food, angel food cake, surrounded by family; life is good! It's truly the little things, family dinners, unconditional love that make life good.


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