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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The New Sink Cover

In September I blogged about a freak little accident with our sink cover and thankfully the company that made it sent a no cost replacement. We had the new one installed on our last visit to the dealer for other warranty work last month. However, since the whole incident happened we have tossing around several replacement ideas.

This past week we made progress on replacement prototype II. We found a somewhat suitable cutting board at none other then Target. It's a bit thicker then we would like but the price was right so we bought it and moved forward. Picked up a piece of poster board for the template and went to work. Let the cutting begin...

 Made two straight cuts on the table saw. Looks pretty good!

 Used the band saw for the rounded edges.

 The file and sand paper were key to smoothing the edges.

 Drill press made making the holes pretty easy.

 License plate screws were used to re-attach; the originals were no longer long enough since the cutting board is thicker than the glass.

 All done...the glass will be stored away and we will see how this works for us.

We think it will work just fine and it looks great! There is a prototype I still in process and will possibly be finished at a later date as an alternative. It's made from glued birch wood slates. It will still need to be cut, sanded, stained, sealed should we decide to continue. Pretty much gonna wait and see how we like this and go from there. If we decide we like it enough we may change out the one that covers the cook top too!


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