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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wisconsin DayTrip

We decided to take a break from the big city life of Chicago and head just over the border while we were in Illinois. Destination Sheboygen with stops in Milwaukee and Pleasant Prairie.

First stop was Pleasant Prairie to see the Jelly Belly distribution center. The actual factory is not open for tours but we did pass it on our way (it's actually in Illinois). There is a factory that you can tour in California so we might do that when we make it out west! We arrived and hatted up for our video tour and tram ride...kind of cheesy but very informative and a fun quick stop. We also scored free samples and great "belly flops" for taking home with us at a cheap price.Belly flops are the imperfect jelly belly candies.

 EVERYONE had to wear a hat for the tour!

On towards the north...we passed through Milwaukee to make our intended destination Sheboygan. We will stop in Milwaukee on our way back through. We were in search of surf.

 We're here!!!!

 And we have the boards...

Unfortunately, there we have NO surf to be had. So very disappointing for MiRV he had so wanted to surf Lake Michigan just as they do in Step into the Liquid one of his favorite surf movies. And just as a side note, the water temperature was balmy 46*. That's pretty chilly cold folks! No matter, he says if there would have been surf he was going in! The town was very quaint and we enjoyed lunch at McDonald's while there. Amazingly, I had the best made quarter pounder with cheese ever. The cheese was actually ON the burger the way it should be, not half on the burger and half on the cardboard, ON the burger, so was the ketchup. It was awesome and the fries were super fresh and hot. It was a clean store too and they were friendly, I was totally impressed! I even sent a note to the owner as I was really pleased with all aspects of the store!And if you haven't been to MickeyDs lately their receipts have BOGO offers on them which make lunch out under $8.00 for us which is a real deal in my book cause they DO have THE best fries!

Before we left the area did take a walk on the lake. Then we started to make our way back to Milwaukee cause there was a Camping World to stop at along with going to the Harley Museum.

Milwaukee is home to Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is a very recognizable brand known for their bright orange and black colors and bikes that have a very recognizable sound IMO. The museum was fascinating even if you aren't really into motorcycles, which as it happens I am on the fence about. And even if I weren't on the fence I am not sure this would be the brand for me but one cannot deny that they are a leader in the industry and their story is pretty neat!

Wearing orange today you'd think MiRV was a super fan...nah, it was just coincidence!
The number ONE that started it all for Harley Davidson!

 Gas tanks and engines...

It was really fun to wander through the exhibits and see how much the motor bike world has changed. To see how two wheel bikes morphed into two and sometimes three wheeled motorcycles. A fun look at the unique history of this company as well as the motorized two wheeler.

The also had hands on interactive things they had were fun to do too. I found the engine I liked best...a panam I think it what it was called. It seemed a little quieter and smoother then the traditional loud and rumbly ones. It was also the engine predominately used during my birth year, so what's not to like?

After a CHEAP and I do mean cheap dinner at one of the local Mexican restaurants we headed back south. I really enjoyed my pork enchilada's with great rice and beans for $5. The beans were unlike any I have had before, so very flavorful and thicker but still a good consistency, the rice was tasty as well and not orangy in color, it was a brownish color and not sticky. MiRV had something pork too and he said it was fantastic, it also came with rice and beans for $5! We were stuffed as we made our way back to the RV. Another pleasant day out and about discovering America.

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