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Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Year End Financial Wrap Up

I know, I know another financial posting and I already did a December Money Matters but I thought it would be fun and informational to do a year end wrap up as well...again, more for me then you! Cause I like ciphering and numbers and all that sort of thing! But who knows you might also enjoy it as well. So here we go!

I wish it was a true "quarter" break down but it's not, at least no this year So a year end wrap will be for September through December. While we officially went on retiree status (and pay) on 1 July the wedding was in July which totally skewed expenses! Then in August I just didn't get on board quick enough with day to day tracking to make it official. I guess we were still in transition and settling in to truly no commitments and fully realizing we are done and we are really doing this! I think I was just trying to get organized and breath (yep, those are my excuses reasons and I'm sticking with it)!

So it looks like this...

Spent vs Budgeted  (Over or Under)

RV Parking $2025.00 / $2500.00 (U)

Groceries $1233.52 / $1000.00 (O)
Eating Out $474.27 / $220 (O)

CRV Fuel $405.70 / $600.00 (U)
CRV Upkeep $405.70 / $600.00 (U)

Clothing $37.89 / $300.00 (U)
Household $121.10 / $120.00 (O)

Entertainment $33.00 / $100.00 (U)
Charitable $180.00 / $200.00 (U)

The above does not include any of the "set expenses" as those are well, uh, set! And therefore not much room to wiggle (save)!

Some of our monthly set expenses are our Tithe($350) Medical Ins ($45.64) MiRV Life Ins ($20.90) RV Ins ($75)

It doesn't include our savings, since for 2013 we did not budget for savings, GASP, I know! However, that changed for 2014, it's in there baby!! Which makes me happy, happy, happy! There were a few other tweaks that I have already mentioned in other Money Matters postings...the highlights are that I increased Groceries, Eating Out and Entertainment. By necessity we had to raise Med Ins (premiums went up) and add Co-Pays as a line item since we have those now too! Oh and other BIG news is that we got a raise for 2014 in our retirement pay. Yes, I know a raise!!!! We will see $12.72 more per month! That's $152.64 that will see our savings account without even flinching!

In our investment outlook, well, it was good! Our ROTH IRAs increased in value and so did the TSP account. Sad thing is that we can no longer contribute to our IRAs since we no longer have "earned income". Our regular investments made small gains as well. We ended the year with more cash in savings then ever before. In fact I will be looking for higher yield accounts since we are keeping easily accessible cash on hand. I am also considering sticking some of that cash in the IRAs since we didn't max out contributions for 2013, definitely giving that serious thought!So many things to consider and think over, oy vey!

Well, there you have it the 2013 Wrap Up!

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