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Friday, January 31, 2014

New Shoes!

It doesn't take much in this nomadic lifestyle but one does need shoes! 

It all started with MiRV needing new shower shoes, then I decided I needed new shower shoes too! Old Navy here we come! Love that military discount and it's not just "military Monday" here it's everyday she said, sweet!

The NOT Crocs...

Then since MiRV was also needing some slides or knock around the campground shoes we hit up the BX. Score! And we hit pay dirt with not ONE but TWO pair, the knock arounds and a pair of Sanuks. He already has experience with this brand in flip flops so was pretty easily persuaded to try the slip ons especially since they were on sale, yep, scored again! It's the little things!

Now I am still on the hunt for black everyday shoes but never fear I have them in mind just waiting/hoping for a sale!!!

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