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Monday, January 20, 2014

Coconut Oil! Who Knew?

I recently took the plunge and bought a jar after contemplating for quite awhile. I like it.

I am cooking with it just as I would use butter/Crisco/canola oil/margarine. And for the record it DOES NOT taste like coconut. At least not to me, others have said it does, I just don't taste it! I also don't smell it so maybe this is just the way too cheap stuff!

Like I said I've cooked with it. Then the other day I put some on my face. I know BUT I had read about others using it as part of their beauty routine, so I though, what the heck? I gave it a try. I wasn't that impressed. I did not see remarkable softness like others have proclaimed; however, it did seem quite oily. Then I tried it on my slightly rough heels and I put it on my freshly shaved legs. I do think it's pretty good for those things but it did leave that little greasy feeling so you do have to really rub it in.

Anyway, I liked it for cooking for sure and I will continue to use it. They (and exactly who is THEY?) say it's better for you as far as fats go. So I'm in, at least til the jars gone!

Have a great day!

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