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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shameless Blog Push

Much to my surprise MiRV is blogging again. He has over the years without much regularity but this time he seems gung ho, so gung ho in fact he is now manning not one but T.W.O. blogs. I know right? But who am I to discourage this new found creative energy! 

Psst...he is reading books! Which is totally not something he does by choice. It's all good. Anyway...if you are interested take a click on over and check him out. He is listed in my blogroll too!

There is one on our RV life, aptly named MiRV which is what I call him on this blog. You never know what topic you will find on there, it's not just all about RVing that's for sure!

Then he is also blogging to address his love of surfing. This one is Surfing Safari :)

So there you have it, just a shameless plug for my love! Have a great day on this day 2 of 2014!

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