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Saturday, January 18, 2014

RV Show

Oh my, can you say WOWsa and overwhelming? I can and it was in some respects. Other ways I was a tad disappointed. Overall, we had fun so it was all good!

We went with MiRVs brother and his wife. They have lots of RV experience and we are full timers so we felt pretty good about ourselves! We arrives early and stayed late and our legs/hips/knees/feet were screaming at the end. Weather was a bit chilly but the sun was shining so it was a really great day for this type of adventure.

 We went IN and OUT of lots and lots and lots of rigs!

There was fun entertainment too!

BIG, yes this show is certainly B I G. I think I might have heard it is the largest but that may not be accurate so don't quote me on it. While it was big I guess I had different expectations. I was looking for things to up our comfort level, increase our organization options and just general special things that would work well with RV living. What I found was lots of visit us places (VA, MI, AK, PA), which is great, again, just not what I was looking for or interested in. Also several pet lover booths and that's great there is a demand, just not our life. Overprices, and I do mean highway robbery food vendors, again, expected overpricing in this area but this was like circus pricing, unbelievable in my book! Then there were the "as seen on TV" type items. Some did have direct RV connection, such as the awning folks and outside cleaner people (many of these and which one is the best?). We were interested in both these vendors since we feel this in something we need. In fact, we did come home with a new slide topper-now to install it---THAT will be another day and another post! Got a sample of some cleaner for the outside, we'll see! Other then that we came home empty handed. We did snag several vendor bags, which are great for transporting laundry, groceries, hoses, books, you name it!

Touring the rigs was pretty educational, I know better what I think I want in our next rig should we replace/upgrade, also things I don't want.

Personally, I don't need/want:
  • Two toilets
  • Rear bath
  • A slide that moves the kitchen
  • Bed with a window behind it
  • Bigger/More Windows
  • Dishwasher
I would love/like to have:
  • Full wall slide
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Gas/Electric hot water heater
  • Micro/Convection oven combo
  • Bigger Fridge
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Day/Night Shades
  • Double Pane Windows
  • Outside Kitchen
  • Outside TV
I know there were more and I made a list even to keep, but I don't have it here in front of me so this will have to suffice! These are just things I would look for when/should we be looking!

 Lunch - $5 CornDog/$3 Bottled H20

 MiRV checking out the vintage AirStreams!

All in all like I said it was pretty good, not sure I would go again for the vendor aspect but if ever I were in the market to buy NEW this is the place to be. Deals were good  great and there for the taking! It was also neat to see the inside the rigs you often see and wonder what they are like. I was surprised at the insides of many that I thought looked so neat from the outside that would NEVER really work for us; so a good place to get a good feel for things.

We are now home safe and sound and it will be early to bed for this girl! I'm tired and looking forward to my own bed!

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