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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bunnies and Dolphins and Manatees...Oh my!

It's just a wealth of habitat around us lately.

We found a rabbits nest under the RV when we moved it to go get the oil changed the other day! 

 Can you see that cute little baby bunny??

And since we have been on the water we see dolphins almost daily...I even paddled with the dolphins the other day, THAT was soooooo super cool. I really wish I would have had the goPRO camera on but it was recharging at the time!


We love to see the manatees. I have been fortunate to paddle with them on the river and we have also seen them in the cove at the marina. Always love to watch them!

 There were at least 6 of them!


There are little lizards just about everywhere you look! Thankfully, they are little! They usually hang out near the showerhouse door and also by our outdoor lights! Sometimes at night they kinda creep me out!

Cute little lizard...

It's just a regular little zoo around here!


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