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Sunday, April 27, 2014


So as of late we have had several "encounters" with what I call charity cases. Others call them panhandlers or opportunist. Pretty much all the same I guess. However, I think we tend to deal with them differently than most as we rarely if ever just hand over money.

Just last week while in Orlando a man approached us as we were exiting the car and after a pretty in depth lengthy story asked for a mere $11. The story seemed legit at first glance and I am sure there are many who just popped up the money and went on. We don't roll that way so MiRV offered to go to the hotel and pay the balance due for him (that was what the $11 was for) and he floundered at that suggestion. After a little bit it was so obvious the story was a scam and he moved on when he realized he was not getting $11 cash.

There are a few very busy intersections near us and it seems like every time we pass by there are always folks holding down on their luck signs. They say all sort of things but most read like this:
  • Out of Work/Hungry-Please Help
  • No Job, Have 3 kids and hungry
  • Homeless Vet
  • Hungry and Homeless - Please help and God Bless
I am quite hesitant to fork over cash. Yet I am sure that some truly have a need. MiRV is more likely to stop and offer to bring them a meal from the closest fast food restaurant or offer to fund a small grocery trip. More often than not they question him as to why he won't just give them the money. That's the part that makes me hesitant.  Really, if you are truly in need why are you questioning. Others do accept his offer and he pays for whatever they would like to order/buy within reason.

Lastly, as of late, while in an establishment (most recently a fast food restaurant) a person approached me for a specific amount of money, which I did not have and I referred her to MiRV. He obliged and we were still at the counter when she ordered and over half the money she asked for was not spent. It irked him that she did not return the change. I think this is usually why he just pays for what they want.

I don't know how you handle these situations but I am always unsure if it's legit or not and therefore often very cautious. Right, wrong or indifferent I don't know but it makes it hard to feel good either way.

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