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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The LONG & short of it!

I do not like nor enjoy getting my hair cut. In fact I dislike it a lot. It's me, really, it is. I have "bad" hair so to speak. It's very fine but there is a lot of it, it's flat, as in NO volume and I have cowlicks along my nap and forehead. 

I always tell the stylist all this before we begin and ask them to leave it about a half inch longer then they think it should be cut on the nape and to not go too short on the bangs, else I have trouble getting them to lay right. Well, sometimes it works and they take to heart what I say other times not. 

Last week I got a haircut. It has been since July last year since it was trimmed for the wedding. So it was long, probably longer then I have worn it in many, many years. See...

This was on the way to the scalping, I mean hair appointment!

And well, this is what it looked like when she was done...

 BIG change for me... 

And unfortunately for me she did not take to heart what I shared about my hair and it is quite a bit shorter then we talked about. 

And this is my doing it a few days later along with my being a bit silly!

It's going to take some getting used to. I had asked it to be left long enough to still get up in a ponytail and that just didn't happen. It will grow...right? And maybe next time it will work out better!


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