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Monday, April 28, 2014

Duck Tape OR Duct Tape

I know it was originally "duct" tape and was only available in silver. Now there is a brand, which we used for this project that is "duck tape". I am convinced that duck tape is one of THE best things ever! It can really help out in a jam and it's so useful for many things. For years we have carried a roll with us for any of those unforeseen circumstances and it's always, always been handy to have around!

We used "awning tape" on our awning a while back. It is notsogood. It's the equivalent of clear heavy duty packing tape (and I'm not even sure of the heavy duty part!) and it's expensive; think $9-11 for a small roll. So when it's not working so good we start looking for another carryover fix. You see, we know we are going to need to replace the awning we are just trying to get the most mileage from the one we have! CUE the duck tape!

Yes, I said duck tape! It comes in all sorts of colors and sizes and is reasonably priced. We think it's a great alternative and it's going to help us stretch the use of our current awning just a bit longer! We are using the white roll since it goes best with our awning. It's been working fabulously. MiRV just recently used it to make even more "repairs" and it looks great AND best of all it's not so expensive! It's about $3-4 a roll!

What are you waiting for, get some duck tape and tape something!


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