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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse-Blood Moon

I wasn't really sure I would see it, I didn't set an alarm but I was not having a restful sleep so when I checked my clock and it was 2:20 a.m. I thought why not just take a peek. So I did from the door and I could see it pretty good. However, I decided to step outside quietly trying not to wake MiRV.

Wish I would have grabbed a drink and a jacket, it was a little breezy but by no means cold and a drink just would have been nice. I was thankful for the breeze since I think that it kept the bugs away. I watched until it was completely aligned and the orange color glow was just absolutely brilliant. I slipped back inside and within a few minutes MiRV got up for the bathroom. When he got back in bed I could tell he was still awake so I told him the eclipse was happening and it was really pretty neat he should go take a look. Out of bed he went to check it out, he only looked through the door but it was still plenty of a view. 

I already marked my calendar for the one this fall on 8 October! 

Hope you got to see it ;if not in real time at least some of the spectacular photos taken by NASA and the other news pros! 

 My not so spectacular lunar eclipse photo with my iPhone!


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