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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nail Pop Fixer

Nail pops are not inherently bad, they are just unsightly, or so some of us think. When we had our home in the Big O I repaired them before we sold. I think it just looked better not to have them. At my folks place there have been a few nail pops over the years and today was the fix it day for them.

We started in the kitchen, moved to the living room, on to the hall, the bath and bedrooms and finished with the closet. I think we repaired 9 all together. Some holes were easier than others...MiRV was working hard for sure. We replaced the nails with screws and we filled the hole, a few holes took more to fill than others, some we will fill some more tomorrow. But for today the job is done!

 Nail pop fixer!
MiRV is a handy man! I think our folks are thankful for these few weeks we have been able to help out around their homesteads, in fact, I think the soon to be homeowner niece is too! We have enjoyed working like homeowners and are still glad we are not. Though I think we are certain we will need a "little place" at some point. The BIG discussion is where would that "little place" be? Food for thought for us for sure!


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