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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tractor Boy Extraordinaire

We have spent several hours this past several days trying to get tractors, lawn mowers and four wheelers running. Makes it easier when trying to accomplish the desired requested task.

Once the tractor repairman had been here there was still some routine maintenance that needed to be done, MiRV did it and smelled like oil, gas and diesel fuel in the process! But once done then it was on to the real needed work. MiRV is a military man with just enough county boy in him to try and tackle anything (and honestly, most of the time be successful!) He bladed the pasture and made it look one thousand times better. Brush hogging will be next so stay tuned!

 Tractor Boy~

There's just something about playing working on a tractor! It's work but fun and I think he enjoyed this day quite a lot! It's been quite mild weather wise for August and we have done much outside work. We are very thankful for the cooler temps and nice breezes! Of course, the diet orange and root beer pop make it nice too!

Having the four wheelers helps do so many things and now that both are up and running again (well, sort of...oldie but goodie is in need of tires)! Recovering the seat wasn't a necessity but will make it nicer. Not professional, but I think it is a major improvement!!!

New Seating!!
We do not claim to be professionals but we can often accomplish the given task!

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