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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sorta MIA :(

I know, I know I have been MIA. It's not like I am sitting around doing nothing! Seriously, we've really been busy...and it's not even the travel kind of busy, it's been real work busy! So the trouble is that I have have not had availability of internet. Therefore, I am a little behind and it's not looking like that will change anytime too soon, sorry!That's the way it goes when you are where there is no convenient internet or small town America or as I like to say, IN THE STICKS!

However, you can rest assured that life IS rolling along as we spend some time in MO with family. Lots to do and right now we have plenty of time to do it. Seems as though as our parents have aged they have fallen a wee bit behind on some routine home maintenance. Then there are also those jobs that just never got done or they can no longer do. That's where we come in, we are ready, willing and able. We have been knocking out lists on both ends not to mention for a soon to be homeowner niece. We have had some plumbing fun, okay a lot of plumbing fun...with a kitchen faucet, two outside spigots, pipe and toilet repairs, that's a lot of plumbing and I don't think we are done yet! Then there is yard work with much tree trimming at two homes along with a few chiggers, (okay more than a few for some) hauling off unneeded/unwanted things, burning brush piles and trash, patching and painting walls and siding as well as deck washing and sealing; not to mention fence mending, wiring and door building along with general move it here, move it there and let's not forget wall washing.
 PLENTY of supervision on our jobs keeps us out of trouble and on track!!!

Full, fun days. Still to come tractor wiring, more yard work, stair building, more hauling off of unwanted items as well as loads of visiting. It's all dandy here! 

We've even made a trip to the City where we had cheesecake on the way home cause after all it was National Cheesecake Day! Then while passing through another (Golden) City we stopped for pie at Cooky's. Not to mention the home grown veggies, yes, sooooo good, the tomatoes have been delish, so have the zucchini, peppers, onions, cucumbers, green beans; it's been a feast. The tomatoes sure make our BLTs!


We will just NOT talk about the way my clothes fit right now, cause it's NOT pretty and something better give soon or it's gonna be ugly...geesh!

Oh and while we aren't exactly boondocking we don't have full hooks ups and aren't in a campground either so it's a bit disjointed but we are making it work and making the best of it with the resources we have! Best part, it's working!


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