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Monday, August 4, 2014


Who knew we would be stair builders?

This was the highest priority but kept getting pushed for other little jobs around the homestead. So when the folks were going to be out of town MiRV stated he would like to get this task accomplished. It was definitely going to be a multi-day job. We received word they were off the property and since we were already in the country we stopped by on our way back into town and "set" the foundation on day one.

Day two we would need access to tools and electricity so we obtained entry for those since we were not key carrying members. We did our final layout and dry fitting the next day with since we had the tools and electric to work with. It was HOT by the way since we had other tasks going on and did not get down till late in the day.

That board against the back was a great help in the layout but we did not leave it up there. Dry fitting helps you figure these things out!

We pre-drilled EVERYTHING. That took awhile but it was extremely helpful when we finally put it all together! Which was so much easier and quicker since we had done the prep work!

Bonus: When we returned the key we were given home grown tomatoes and zucchini! Can't wait to grill up the zucchini with some peppers and polenta!

On day three it was completed. Not sure what's next but we are taking the rest of the day off! Sooooooo see ya!


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