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Monday, March 30, 2015

Day Trip

I have ONE picture, just one. I guess I was so enamored with all our sightseeing I forgot to snap others...makes me a little sad!

We decided to drive down to Falls Creek and see the new tabernacle and take in all the changes that have been made and are still going on. While it was not the same camp we remember in many ways it is still a great place and will be amazing when they are finished with all the construction going on.

We called ahead and had a tour arranged. We were able to go into the new tabernacle, all of it, including backstage, the green room, chapel and breakout rooms. WOW! Such an incredible space, massive, high tech and very beautiful indeed. We also got a look at the new missions building. Another great space. While in some areas the grounds still remain unchanged, other spots have greatly changed. Once finished I think it will all mesh together nicely.

A big hit on this little adventure was lunch. We almost had to go with plan B when we arrived and the joint was closed up but thanks to another potential customer who had the phone number of the restaurant he called them and found out their new locale. Sadly, the signs had been removed from the building so there was no other way to know they had relocated. Anyway, if you happen to be in the Davis, OK area, Smokin Joe's Rib Ranch was some good stuff! Trust the staff when they say the dinner is "more than enough for two" unless you want to have a take home box! The servings are VERY generous! (NOTE: the website is very outdated and should you go maybe call cause they have moved)

After our lunch and tour we of course had to stop at the fried pie place...yes, I am going to need to be employing a weight reduction plan once we leave here, we have really, really indulged and my jeans are poppin' at the seams; it's not pretty... So, I can attest to the peach being very tasty and others vouched for the coconut, blackberry and pineapple. Some in our party had take home treats for later, I did not!

Another little stop on our trip and the only picture from the day comes from the chocolate place! Yes, I know, if you know me at all you know I am NOT a chocolate person, but those I was with are so we stopped. Who turns down free samples? I tried the dark covered chocolate Pringle, yeah, no, not for me. There were also milk chocolate covered Pringles as well as white chocolate covered bugles, uh, no, again for me. Some got treats for later, I did not!

Lastly, we made one last stop to see one of our friends at the assisted living center. What a treat, she was just as bubbly as ever and it was good to see her at a nice place. She seemed to be settling in nicely to her new surroundings and again, her little place was really nice. We had dinner with her daughter last week so had much to talk about on our visit!

Another great day in the great state of Oklahoma!
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