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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lunch on Route 66

We are in OKC area for a few days and one of our very good friends ALWAYS knows good places to go! And she shares her knowledge with us; it's not always about food places, either! She takes us to visually cool places too, like down Route 66. Since we are hoping to get some miles on Route 66 this little day trip provided us a little taste of what we might experience in the future.

This was our lunch stop, POPS.
Pops is definitely not your typical gas stop. I mean there are over 600 soda pop selections available. So yeah, not just a gas station. It's a little diner; in fact in a small way it reminded me of the gas stops in Europe cause there was food. Not convenience food, not a fast food chain but a real little diner/grill type place. The food was good, not great but good. So how does one choose a soda pop from so many selections? I was overwhelmed but I finally zeroed in on root beer and then worked forward with a choice from there. I succeeded and came back to the table with a "DANG, it's good" brand of butterscotch root beer. It was delightful. Think of dropping a butterscotch disc into a root beer, letting it dissolve and then drinking it. That was my drink, I was totally pleased! 
As far as all that soda there were choices that would have never ever been a contender for me. Seriously, bloody nose, ranch dressing, bacon with maple syrup, buffalo chicken, chocolate chip cookie dough, bug barf and on and on with the OMG "no" flavors. However, there were others I would have tried. There were also the ones that we remembered from days gone by! You know, like NEHI, Frostie and Crush in all the flavors we remembered like strawberry, orange and grape!
Just up the road we stopped again to check out the round barn.

The interior was something to look at. No beams. It was FREE too!

Thanks for another great day out! We sure do love and enjoy our OK friends! I can't wait for our next adventure...stay tuned!


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