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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quilt Museum and a Veteran's Memorial

I have several friends who are quilters, I love quilts so when I saw that there was a quilt museum near where we were I thought we should go. Upon further investigation it is the ONLY quilt museum in the state of Florida. I did not know there hours so we set out to go one afternoon. We arrived and they were closed. Since it was a bit rural and there was plenty of parking we just spent the night and waited for them to open the next morning.
It was a pretty nice quiet night!

We were greeted by the volunteer staff and invited in...

 This was a quilt sofa...quite unique!
One of my favorites was  that star, MiRV liked this star one best.

So many beautiful pieces and really such works of art. While I do think this star one was one of my favs; it was hard to have only one favorite. I mean seriously these things were just beautiful. Some were so very different and extremely unique that there really was just no way to choose only one favorite! Can't do it!

Lots of eye candy and much history and a little bit of heritage mixed with some pride of their institution as it should be. And it all started with one lady's dream for a place that quilter's could come together, learn from each other and work together. What an enjoyable morning we had!

After a nice lunch with a wonderful water view we made our way to Perry, FL.

We stopped at the Forest Museum which was pretty neat and then drove through town and stumbled into the town Veteran Memorial. Well done, Perry, Florida, well done!

 Love the permanent yellow ribbon round the tree

Truly one of the nicest tributes to Veteran's we have ever seen.


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