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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trees and Springs

Today we went exploring...after making the very long, somewhat bumpy 3.2 mile drive at 25 MPH we took a five minute walk to see the VERY old giant cypress tree in Goethe State Forest. It is known as the Goethe Giant. Honestly, I think it's dying, but maybe they don't know. I'm not gonna tell them since they don't even know I went to see it and I found out as we were leaving I was supposed to tell them first...oops!

 Nice trail!

 The factoids on this tree are this-
  • Circumference 342 inches
  • Diameter 109 inches
  • Height 105 feet
  • Age, estimated, of course 907 years
The walk to the tree was cool, very foresty like. The canopy was awesome and keep the sun off, there were lots of fern everywhere, fiddlebacks like we used to have in the Azores, not to mention the many other green stuff! The boardwalk was cool and we saw the tree and left. We did enjoy lunch before our short walk.

On to Rainbow Springs State Park. I am loving this little pass that my Veteran qualified for that gives us waived entry into these places! While $2 isn't a lot for this particular park we have definitely benefited from having this little gem at some of the pricier parks for sure!

We walked the grounds and saw several waterfalls as well as some beautiful flora and fauna not to mention the beautiful blooming flowers all around.
Impressed, he was!

 The falls were really pretty...

It was very nice and the right kind of day for such a visit. MiRV even swan in the spring!

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