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Thursday, March 12, 2015


The drive along Florida's so called forgotten coast netted us four lighthouse stops. We loved it! Two were right along the road with just a turn off which make them so easy to get to.

St Marks the first one was a bit of a drive but well worth it down a picturesque road. We even stopped and had our lunch here. The no see ums weren't too terribly bad but they were out and about so we had to be mindful with out getting in and out!

 A very kind man offered to snap our pic :) Nice to not have to do a selfie!
St Mark's Lighthouse

St George's was also off the beaten path as it is out on island but still for us worth the drive. You can actually go up into this light, however, not on Thursdays, they are closed! Maybe next time1

 Right along the road we easily saw Crooked River and Cape San Blas.

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