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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bears...yes, real live ones!

It's always a thrill to see wild life so seeing a bear, then another and then a mama and her cub was the bomb diggity!!!

First sighting was a yearling just outside our campground in Glacier. Ranger Mike had told us to be on the look out for this little guy who seemed to enjoy the area. We watched him foraged in the field, turning over rocks and just hang out in the area. Lots of other people also stopped to get a pic, we were walking back from the camp store when we saw him.

A little playful fella!

Next sighting was in Yellowstone as we were driving north on the park road towards Mammoth. I spotted him on my right as he made his way over and around the rocks, we stopped to watch him and he crossed the road RIGHT in front of us before disappearing among the rocks on the other side! It was certainly an amazing sight as he just meandered along.

The latest sighting was again here in Yellowstone as we stopped along the driving route to check out a petrified tree. We had to park in the upper parking and we were walking down when a passerbyer stopped to warn us of a mama bear and her cub just up ahead. COOL, we were excited! We made our way on up and there they were. Just frolicking in the grass and on a log, they were steadily making their way along and going further into the meadow. It was very fun to watch them, the cub was so inquisitive and exploring it all, going up ahead, then lagging behind as they traversed the landscape.

I have to say I loved seeing the wild life in Yellowstone, but I am sorely UNimpressed with YNP; especially after being at Glacier. The Rangers and staff are much more professional and actually enforce rules. Especially, cars parking in RV slots. We could not park at several pullouts due to cars being in the designated spaces at Yellowstone.


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