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Monday, July 20, 2015

SURFING the River

Paddle Out!
Riding the "WAVE"
Coming out, tired but sooooooo stoked to have gotten wet!!
MiRV who loves, I mean really LOVES, the water and surfing has had dry gills since we left Florida. So when he learned about a spot in Missoula Montana that you can surf on the river he was determined to make sure we stopped through so he could check it out!

He was so stoked after we stopped on Sunday and also a bit disappointed since we got there too late in the day to go that day However, we would be hitting it the next day for sure! And we did and he was uber excited! It was awesome and he enjoyed it immensely! It was also fun to watch...well, except for a few wipeouts which made my heart beat really rapidly!

The team at Strongwater Mountain Surf Co was great; especially KB! Guy knows his stuff and has a love for the sport!

Another incredible experience in this journey called life! Honestly, we are so blessed and I have to pinch myself some days cause we are so incredibly fortunate to be able to do what we are doing; love this life!!!


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