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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rising Sun!

I'm so glad we decided to trek on up to the St Mary area! Awesome!! We saw a yearling black bear who was just on the outskirts of our campground, totally, totally cool and a little bit scary! But Ranger Mike had already told us about him so we were prepared! He told us to just clap our hands and he would go on.

We did more hiking here. Hidden Lake Trail was on my list and we went to the overlook (3.0 out an back) the rest of the trail to the lake was closed due to grizzly activity. The view from the overlook was unparalleled. The mountain goats we saw along the way were bonus as were the marmots!

Our other hike was to St Mary Falls then on to Virginia Falls, both well worth the trail which was often ankle twisting worthy and wet and a but muddy and slippery in many places! Thankfully, we didn't need our bear spray! Really stunning views that just take your breath away!


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