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Friday, July 10, 2015


We're here!!!

 Two Medicine; Aster Falls hike view

It happened, we got to see a M.O.O.S.E! Not just any moose either. It was a BIG bull moose with antlers! Oh me, it was incredible! We were coming back down the trail from Aster Falls when a family alerted us to a moose just having taken a bath in the second pond down the trail. We arrived at said pond but no moose, I'm not giving up; being vigilant in looking and watching for a moose. Let's be real I'm also scanning for a bear...yes, a bear and really I have no interest in seeing said bear, but you must stay vigilant! I've got bear spray, MiRV has bear spray we are prepared but I prefer to NOT see/encounter bears. 

Anywho we are skipping down the trail, or walking and I see movement to my left and lo and behold it's a moose. Inside I squealed! Outwardly, I grabbed MiRVs shirt and motioned silently making moose antlers with my hands near my ears. I'm just savvy like that! He got it and quickly caught sight of the moose and his eyes got huge. Yes, we were seeing a moose in the wild laying in the timber just chewing it's cud. WOW! What a thrill. We stood at a safe distance and just watched for quite some time alerting other hikers as they approached. It was amazing!
 The Moose!!!!


 Isn't he just GORGEOUS!!!

The hike had incredible views and there was a snow H on the side of the mountain that made me miss Mrs Bud!! Seeing the moose was of course THE highlight! Today we are making our way to the St Mary area of the park. We have enjoyed spending the last few days in Two Medicine campground but are ready to continue to explore this most awesome park!

#moosesighting #glaciernationalpark

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