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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jenny Lake Hike and then some...

We hiked Jenny lake today. Well, not the whole lake but a portion of it and then on up to the Hidden Falls. Great view, if you are doing the lake go the extra distance to see the falls, we ate our lunch there. On the way back we did the shoreline trail. I'm so glad we did the horse trail (highline route) on the way in because that was the absolutely BEST view. At the shoreline it was nice but the view from higher up was most stunning!

We also went around Moose Pond on our way back with the hope of seeing another moose sighting but no such sighting occurred! Bummer! The meadows brimming of wild flowers were so pretty, so many and everywhere you looked. Indian Paintbrush were plentiful. I don't know the varieties very well, but there were yellow, blue, white, red, pink, purple ones of all shapes and sizes!Another little bit of eye candy.

It was a LOOOOONG hike at 6.2 miles but it was a good hike! Loved all the views and fresh air! The scents were awesome as we passed the pine and cedar trees; so pungent and the fields of sage were incredible aromatic! A feast for our noses for sure!

Look very closely the picture above... there is a yellow warbler on the branch. He was the brightest yellow, it was almost like he was not real, but we saw him fly so he was!!! He was on the highline portion of the hike going in.


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