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Friday, July 24, 2015

Bubblers, Poofers and Spouters

We stopped at Old Faithful, the most famous of all Spouters. I suppose a visit to Yellowstone wouldn't be complete without stopping to take in this icon. Our timing was good as he was set to go just after we arrived on scene. He is only erupting every 91 minutes or so nowadays, he used to spout more frequently but his pipes are changing and his frequency is less. The film we watched at the visitor center says he will eventually stop erupting completely if you can imagine that...

I personally like the poofers. They had their own special aroma, mostly sulpherish but some had slightly other scents. There are so many of these in the park but many cannot be seen if the temperature and humidity are not just right. Best to see them on cool mornings.

The Norris Geyser basin, or more specifically the Porcelain Basin within the Norris Geyser basin was a great stop. We popped our last evening in the park as it was hitting dusk. We were camped in Norris Campground so it was an easy stop on our way home. Worth the stop, had we had more time we would have done the longer hike to see the other side of this area but we were losing daylight so we did what we could.

On our way out this morning to the Tetons we walked one of the artist paint pot areas and got to see some great bubblers. I love the bubblers especially the mud ones. We had been on the hunt for them and met with limited success. There were watery ones, with little mud, but I really wanted to see the goopy muddy ones...we hadn't really spotted any so when we came upon them this morning I was really glad we took the time to stop on our way out!


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