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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ahhhh....HOT showers!

While boondocking (no hookups) we are thrilled when there is running water...we are over the moon when there are showers. When checking out our spot for the past several days it listed showers, BONUS!!!! However, upon our arrival we learned they are sans warm/hot water. UGH!!! A cold shower is NOT for me. I am thrilled that we now carry a solar shower in our rig. Even when there are not shower houses you can still hang it out in the sun and have bathing water. We have been able to wash our hair with it as well as used it to do a really nice sponge bath. It's been a wonderful add.

Since they have individual shower rooms here for their cold showers (how thoughtful) we took our solar shower and hung it in the shower room and had amazing hot showers anytime we wanted. That my friends is a fine, wonderful thing that we love. The added bonus was that the restrooms also had hot water available (NOT always the case) so if we did not get enough solar to heat our water we could still fill the solar shower bag and take our showers. WOOHOO! It is the little things.



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