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Friday, December 11, 2015


Today we went exploring, looking for surf and to get a better feel for the area. In addition, we are told, many come here to winter; so we wanted to scope it out a bit more to see if we will stay around this area. Hmmmm, I'm just not sure it's for us. It's pretty breezy and humid. Did I mention I'm not a big fan of wind OR humidity? Yeah, well, I'm not. MiRV tells me a little 17 hour drive to the west could solve the humidity issues but he's not positive on the wind part. So I think not, we will keep scouting around and see what we can live with. We do think we would enjoy finding a "spot" to be at least through the new year. Still just not feeling it here...

In other news, Roada took her first ferry ride today! I know, wowsa! She did awesome! It was just a short jaunt; she was a champ, rolled right into her appointed slot, then just took in the view. Before she knew it we were being motioned off and on our way.

We checked out Mustang Island. Nope didn't see any mustangs. The drive was quite scenic and we had a lovely picnic right in Rockport near the beach on our way down. We even bathed Roada on the way back. This salt air makes her look a bit dull and definitely isn't good for her.

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