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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's the life...

 In less than 24 hours we went from shorts to scarves...
Hot or cold, rain or shine this is the life we lead...and we know of late it's been more cold than hot and certainly more rain (fog and wind) than shine. Of course, no doubt about it life is certainly still very doable albeit more so when you have electricity but since we presently do not we pray that we pull at least enough amps from the solar to not have to run the generator. If we don't, we go ahead and fire up the genny to get us through. Boondocking is definitely not as pleasant when the sun is not shining.  It also means we are more confined inside.
We are almost out of reading material and have played lots of cards as of late.
To say we are ready to have the sunshine again is an understatement...however, it's a fine line as we don't enjoy hot, hot, hot when we are out as running the a/c is too hard on the rig when just running off solar and supplementing with the genny. We are now considering moving further south as more cool weather is predicted, can you saw we already saw a low of 41* and there is a potential for 39*. Yep, farther south is looking like our new plan. We had thought we could circulate in this area and manage to make it through our time here; however, we have now started looking into more southern options. Updates have been tough with internet connection being slim to none and cell signal is even marginal. I haven't really minded except for keeping up with family and their crummy weather as well as their overall well being. It's made it a challenge. 
Today brought us to the nearest car wash since ROADA was dirty, grimy, slimy and salty after the last week at the shore and especially the last few days of  wind, sea mist and rain.. She's clean again and looks mighty perty. Just two more days on the beach and then we are on the move again...stay tuned to see where we end up.


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