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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Missouri Connections

I always love to see things that are from "my state" and this trip has provided a few of those...there was the Missouri Street sign that I barely snapped a picture of before we rode right on by.

And yesterday we met some home folk!!! Really, you do meet all kinds of folks, from all over and while we were checking out the Matagorda Bay Nature Center yesterday a couple overheard us say we were from Missouri so they came over and struck up a conversation. Turns out they are from just up the road...Harrisonville, and to rope it off we know people in common! Pretty neat!

Then today we were checking out a historical marker and lo and behold the man it honored was a Missourian! How cool is that? I just enjoy those little reminders of my home state roots! Today we pop off the coast to go inland. It's just for the night before heading back to the coast tomorrow. Goose Island State Park here we come! And I'm NOT excited to learn there is potential for severe weather over the weekend...I am NOT a fan of severe weather, it makes me anxious, VERY anxious. Ughhh...


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