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Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the move...

We have been in the Corpus Christi area a few days and will be heading further south tomorrow. We have had quite the weather spectrum with wind, rain, wind, sun, wind well you get the idea. Heading out to the Padre Island National Seashore where you won't believe what they say to be prepared for...yep, BINGO, wind. I can't wait! Seriously, it's supposed to be gorgeous so a little wind will be endured.

 Pretty nice spot while at CC NAS

CC was uneventful as we did not really get out much, just enjoyed some downtime, got laundry done, you know, those mundane things. We did do lunch out at BJs with unlimited soup/salad one day and that was super good. Their tomato mozzarella salad is THE best, their wedge is good but the tomato mozz is delicious. Reminded us of Italy. 

Cell, internet is reported to be non existent so there will be no updates until we return to civilization. It may require bike rides to the end of the road and standing on one leg to get a little signal while there but probably that won't even do it. So Ciao for now.


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