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Monday, April 20, 2015

Flower Bed Removal Part 2

We have already removed one flower bed and I guess we did a good job since we were  requested to remove a second one! There is never a shortage of work when you own a home, glad at this point we are able to help out around the homestead for those in our family that request our assistance. We enjoy the physical activity for the most part and aren't afraid to tackle the chores others cannot or don't want to!

The bed scheduled for removal!

 I employed the use of a's a wander there were no injuries... 

 We also employed the use of the breaker bar and a spade.
It was a nice cool day for the work to be done. I prefer it to be cooler rather than warmer, however, this may have been on the slightly a little too cool side for me. Nonetheless, mission accomplished! 

Think we will throw down some grass seed after we spread the mound out in the next few days. I will get another picture when it is all done if I don't forget!
There may or may not be sore muscles tomorrow after swinging that sledge! And after all that fresh cool air I anticipate a wonderful night of sleep! We capped off the day with Dad at Del-Way.

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