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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We were in MO for around 24 hours before we unexpectedly got back on the road to head north...when the daughter calls the parents go! We've been invited to tag along on the house hunting adventure for the weekend!


It was an absolutely beautiful day for travel. Blue skies and light traffic. Only bump was wind. We travelled the country roads mostly alone and it was a good day for a road trip! Not any direct route so getting off the interstate is the only way to get there. Takes just as long to drive into the big city even though we were not going as far north! Oh well!

Anyway, it's always good to see the Buds! We had a whirlwind weekend and call it a success on many fronts. PTL!  There was a lot of exploring, which is always fun. A movie and a few discoveries. There is good Chinese AND Mexican food to be had in this town. Lots of new to do and much yet to be discovered. It will be fun to return in a few weeks.

 They're adorable!
We were the "delivery team" for an Aunty in MO who didn't mail their Christmas! They were too cute opening their gifts.
 Better late than never...

The biggest reason for our trip was to secure housing. They had hoped to become homeowners; however, the market just did not have a lot to offer and there is no use in settling just to have housing. Thankfully, this little rental duplex was stumbled upon and will do them just fine! We think they will be really happy with the extra room (compared to their current 1BR apartment) and enjoy a garage as well as yard (which they don't even have to mow). So excited for them!


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