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Friday, April 3, 2015

OK Friends

Sometimes it's just cool when things work out for friends to stop by and break bread. That happened last night! Lots and lots of laughter and reminiscing from many, many days ago. It was good to catch up. This family is another testament to why we still have such fond, wonderful memories of our time at Tinker and why we enjoy coming back again and again!

Love these two! Mr Fred is one of the first and only one of a few people to make it to the hospital after Mrs Bud was born since he had base access even during the "lockdown"! He stopped by on his way to church to give a first hand report on us and share the news of her arrival with the congregation since many had not heard she was born with such excitement going on in our world at the time.

Ms Chris even made us sugar cookies! But I loved the orange Jell-O salad the most!


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