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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No Girls Allowed - Sorta!

Since we've been back in MO we are "neighbors" again with theLittles. It is so convenient for us and they don't mind that we pop in and use facilities on occasion. We also have "things" in their basement. MiRV and I are good help when we are around so it works well for everyone.

When they moved in last fall I stressed to them how important making their bed was. Often I would leave them encouraging notes when they completed that task and sometimes there were treats, too. They enjoyed it and a good habit was being born. When I called while we were away sometimes they reported they had been making their bed sometimes not. Sometimes I would ask them and sometimes I didn't. Since we have been back this time we have not been in the house as much seeing as we are not working on many tasks in the house but I couldn't help but notice the post on the door...I feel honored!


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